by Jennifer Smith January 21, 2020 5 min read

“Invest heavily in your bed and your shoes because if you’re not in one, then you’re in the other!”                                                                                                                                                                              - George Glasgow Senuir

While we may not talk about your bed in this blog, we definitely will about your shoes. As most fashion bloggers today like to put it: it is your shoes that pull your outfit together; we agree!

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But in reality, shoes do more than just that. According to actual research, that the choice of your shoes can even be used to predict your personality! The experiment showed actual dimensions of the BFI being predicted by mere shoe choices!

So, if you want to make the right impressions, you better start focusing on the right shoes. And as your well-wishers, we have taken the liberty to highlight some essential shoes for men. Here they are:

  • Can’t Beat Leather and Tassels

If you want the most “in fashion” shoes at the moment, these are the shoes you. The tassel loafers are one of the trendiest shoes right now and while it may have already established an image for semi-casuals, people are still very sure. 

Men Distressed Blue Genuine Cow Leather Shoes With Tassels

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But we are pretty sure that these shoes do not fall into the definition of strict formals. So while we do reveal these amazing cow-hide leather and tassel loafers to you, we suggest you try to keep them away from formal gatherings.

Here is where you can wear these:

  • Contrary to popular beliefs, you definitely can wear these loafers with your suit. However, it should only be when you wear your suit for a semi-casual gathering. If you wear it to a board meeting, you will not be taken seriously.
  • These shoes are best for wearing with your chinos. Just put on your best blue polo, tuck it into your chino and get going with these amazing loafers.
  • March to Fashion

While most women love wearing boots, most men tend to shy away from them. Although sometimes they may prefer wearing lighter, more casual shoes, we can guarantee that no shoe can beat these bad boys at looks. 

Men Red Military Lace Up Genuine Leather Boots

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But mostly, men don’t want to buy these because they are unsure of how to wear these and what to wear these with. While that may be a genuine concern, it isn’t anything we can’t handle with these tips:

  • So, the best way to wear these boots is to play along with the “tough bad boy” Find yourself some damaged jeans and match them up with a basic black tee. Pull up your leather jackets (nothing too soft) and put on your shades. You are good to go.
  • The other way is to numb out the “bad boy”and settle for “rough.” Find a great formal shirt and wear it with your brown chinos before you put on these shoes. Don’t shave when you pull this look; the stubble works with these babies.
  • Ain’t no Contest for a Derby

So, every time they talk about a derby shoe, most people tend to confuse them with oxfords. While we are going to talk more about an oxford later, we’ll discuss the charm of derbies at this point. 

Men Gray Grey Derby Suede Leather Shoes With White Laces

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The Derby Shoes are most distinguished because of their “open lacing.”This means that the lacing quarters are stitched on top of the vamp which allows for a looser fit. While that may be the only defining factor, these gray suede derby shoes are a work of art in their way.

To wear them:

  • Understand that these are not considered formal but work on most semi-formal outfits.
  • The suede leather in these shoes tends to complement your chinos, and the white laces are all about your informal look.
  • Loafing Around

Although we have already talked about tassel loafers, there’s no chance of missing out on these classic penny loafers on this list of essential shoes for men. Having the durability of leather and the most comfortable insole ever, you can’t miss out on these shoes.

Men Blue Penny Loafer Slip-On Genuine Leather Shoes

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Wear these when:

  • You wear your polo and jeans combo but want to give off a slightly formal look than just polo and jeans. Remember to match your wristwatch color with the color of these shoes.
  • You plan on going with a blazer on your casuals. But keep in mind, the blazer and the belt should go with the shoes.
  • Brogues for Kings

As we move into the more formal categories, there is no doubt about Brogues appear on this list of essential shoes for men. So, here is a pair of the best Derby Brogue leather shoes that you can find for yourself.

Men Brown Derby Brogue Wingtip Laces Genuine Leather Shoes

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While they were not initially considered to be formal, they have slowly evolved to be considered formals. You can find them in either oxford or derby style with only the perforated style sets them apart. When you do wear them:

  • Wear them with all the formals that you want.
  • Keep in mind that while most will not fuss about your choice of shoes with formals, the real shoe enthusiasts will notice you wearing these and frown.
  • “Oxfords, Not Brogues”

At last, we come to the pair of shoes that tops everything else when it comes to formals. In comparison to derby shoes, oxfords are shoes that have a “closed lacing” system. This means that the lacing quarters are stitched below the vamp, which allows for a tighter, more firm fit.

Men Black Oxford Formal Genuine Leather Shoes

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If you want to find a pair for formals, these are the shoes for you. So, here is how you wear them:

  • Wear them with any suit you want. The rule of thumb is to match your shoes and your belt though.
  • Wear them for your everyday office wear with a tie and dress pants and shirt.

Final Word

While most people would not bat an eye on what you wear for formals and what for casuals, you must always make the right choice for yourself. That is if you still want to make the right impression

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