by Jennifer Smith January 14, 2020 4 min read

Remember that time when Hermoine saved Ron and Harry’s backsides with her handbag?

That one handbag is the dream for all ladies out there (wink wink.)

Leather Bags over Anything

But you have to admit, Hermoine’s beaded handbag wasn’t much to look at no matter how useful it was. Only if it was made out of leather. And, if there is anything that can compensate for the lack of unlimited storage in your bag, it is the fact that it is made out of leather.

Worry no more, because we have for you the best variety of leather travel bags to keep you up on that fashion scale.

Less is More

When it comes to the most iconic leather bags, it’s the simple ones that take the lead. That is why this amazing tote crossbody faux leather bag beats everything. It has nothing more than a simple travel bag should with a touch of contrast in colors.

Women Tote Crossbody Messenger Faux-Leather Bag

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That is exactly what gives this handbag an aura apart from all others on the market. With a lustrous leather finish on it and plenty of space to fit your essentials – even your laptop! – This bag is a must-have for all ladies.

To make it worth your while, this is how you should go about pairing it up:

  • The crossbody leather bag works best with your formals when you want to go for a presentation. Find your best formals, and wear your blazer to keep you warm. Match the bag with your white loafers or your black heels. With the confidence that this bag gives, you are bound to nail your presentation.
  • This leather bag is also designed to complement your leather jacket. So, when you do decide to wear your best dress and matching leather jacket, do not forget to take this bag along.

Bag those Adventures

But you cannot always carry a formal bag everywhere you go and simply just doesn’t always cut it. That is why this amazing Boston style handbag is on this list of leather travel bags. So, what makes this travel bag so special?

Women Tote Messenger Boston Style Hand & Shoulder Faux-Leather Bag

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What doesn’t! It has the looks, the design, and the synthetic leather with the polyester lining, the size, the straps, the zippers, and whatnot. Everything about this bag is top-notch and you can never have enough of it.

When to wear it? This is when:

  • When you are running out for that out of town meeting and want to carry as little as possible on the plane, this is the bag for you. It has all the zippers and compartments in the world to hold everything you want to take along.
  • When you have a day to run all the errands, including shopping, car repairs, hospital visits and official business on the same day, this is the bag for you.

Unapologetically Chic

If you are on the lookout for the bag that you want to carry to all your meetups and parties without it ever getting old, this bag is for you. This chic piece of luggage has the space of an entire suitcase yet is as compact as it gets.

Women Faux-Leather Tote Messenger Handbag With Belt Buckle Lock And Tassel

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You know what makes it special, though? The fact that it is classy and still fun. The high-quality synthetic leather paired with those edgy pom-poms is what everybody needs in life.

  • You can use it for your makeup, hair, keys, and baby supplies when you decide to go out on a family dinner.
  • You can also choose to match it up with your everyday casual jeans and basic tee look. This is one bag that fits perfectly with that setting.

Textures Never Disappoint

But you know there will be days when you feel fancy but not fancy enough, and you know that happens more often than not. On those days, is when you will need this great crossbody messenger bag.

Leather Skin Women Tote Crossbody Messenger Genuine Leather Bag

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This is a bag that you do not just deserve but owe to your wardrobe. It is made out of genuine leather, has zipped compartments to keep all your belongings secure, weighs nothing, and has that timeless texture.

To wear it:

  • Carry it with you when you head out for that road trip because that is when you care least about your outfit. At that time, this bag will help you stand out with the least effort.
  • Take it to your office. This bag works best with formals, and there is no denying it. Iron your white shirt as crisp as you can and pair it with your grey palazzo plants and black heels with this bag.

Tassels making it less of a hassle!

There is a child in every one of us, and tassels are always for that child in you. But it is not just the tassels. These bags offer you an exclusive design with maximum compartment space in this compact design.

Women Faux-Leather Tote Shoulder Handbag With Fabolous Leaf-Shaped Tassels

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How do you pair it?

  • With your jeans, hoodie, tee, and sneakers combination. It works best if your tee is a graphic one with plenty of leaves.
  • If you want, wear it to that semi-formal gathering where you are meeting your friends. A sweater on top of your long collared-shirt and chinos.

Buckle Up

Women Tote Faux-Leather Boston Shoulder Bag With Buckle Design

Buy this at $89.99

What you need is one great buckle bag that you can carry everywhere with everything. This beautiful Boston shoulder back with buckles is exactly that bag.

Wear it with your casual clothes when you go shopping, or your formal wear when you go to your office, this bag is made for everything. The beautiful color works with all outfits, and the simple design helps you stand out.

Final Word

When you talk about it, leather bags lead the game by miles. So, if you want to make an impression – and remember that first impressions are last – you really need to make sure that you get yourself these leather travel bags.

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