by Jennifer Smith July 15, 2020 5 min read

Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

As you chant again and again in your mind, you realize it’s time for some wardrobe transformation. As you decide what colors you’re going to be wearing, there comes a moment, and you go blank…

Are fall colors just nude ones? Is blue a fall color? What even are the fall colors? Help?!

You, my dear, have arrived at just the right destination. Our leather jacket outfit ideas are so mesmerizing that your woes will end in a jiffy.

Clever Leather- a fashion for everyone

Stick with us till the end of this guide and find yourself calming down. Let us offer you six leather jacket outfit ideas to keep your bodies snug and sexy. Man or woman, you both need to always look like the glamorous celebs you are, after all.

Without further ado, channel your inner J-Lo and Channing Tatum, and let’s get this show on the road.

Burly Brown Seals the Deal

Exquisite Cedar Men’s Leather Jacket With A Shirt Collar

Get This Jacket For Just $249.00

Nothing beats some good vintage stuff, isn’t it? That is what the brown palette is- a never-aging precious gem. A classic in the fashion world, brown and shades of brown and skin are mouth-watering, awe-striking, and breath-taking.

Though, modern times call for contemporary and chic changes too.

Now imagine, the perfect love child of modern and vintage and the epitome of versatility:

Lo and behold. Get yourself the Exquisite Cedar Men’s Leather Jacket with a shirt collar. Shoot up and rise beyond the limits on your style-o meter.

Everything about the jacket is perfect- be it the unique simplicity or the smoothness of the supreme quality leather.  The fact that the color is the oh-so soigné and deluxe tone of brown is a big reason for you to slay the jacket with some good amount of Leather in your overall ensemble.

Want some leather jacket outfit ideas for this piece? Ask, and we shall tell:

  • Black cotton t-shirt
  • Ice blue Denim Jeans
  • Exquisite Cedar Men’s Leather Jacket with a Shirt Collar
  • Black Double Monk Chukkas
  • Brown Cross-body

Blues Hues

Edgy Navy-Blue Bomber Flight Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $199.00

Navy blue is the charm of fall- royal, majestic and ethereal. And you can’t think otherwise, nada.

Embrace your good looks and always appear shining. To all the hunks out there:

You want to display your debonair charms to make men envy you and ladies throw themselves at you? We’ve got just the right jacket for you: none other than the Edgy Navy Blue Bomber Flight Leather Jacket.

This fall, wear navy and let go of black a little- not a complete break-up mind you; just a temporary one.

Trust us; your dark and brooding persona isn’t at risk. If anything, this color is going to further boost your deluxe and fine appeal.

As for the Leather jacket outfit ideas, we’ve got an amazing one in mind.

  • Grey button-down shirt
  • Dark Denim Jeans
  • Edgy Navy-Blue Bomber Flight Leather Jacket
  • Men Black Zipper Ankle Leather Boots
If you think that blue color is not the one that will enhance your style, then you can get a this jacket in some other color as well by getting a custom leather jacket by us.

    Sunshine to Sooth Souls

    Mens Yellow Leather Jacket


    Get This Jacket For Just $295.00

    Who says fall means anything and everything dull and dark? Even as the leaves fall and there aren’t those healthy and shiny flowers anymore, it doesn’t mean your ensemble has to look crestfallen either.

    Get yourself a quilted yellow leather jacket and see your outfit come to life. Look like the total stunner while putting up bare minimum efforts. This color on the velvety leather jackets is enough to make you the man of the hour.

    Okay, so for all those charming lads wondering if their plus-size bodies will rock this jacket?

    You, sir, are a masterpiece. This yellow jacket is precisely what will enhance your urbane appeal. Go from hero to superhero in no time. This quilted jacket is our mini plus size fashion guide hack for all you gentlemen.

    Love yourself because you never walk alone; we’ll ensure you ever will. So, an ensemble idea to have you all sharp and snazzy:

    • White t-shirt
    • Black Leather Pants
    • Quilted Shoulder Yellow Leather Jacket for Men
    • Black Jodhpurs with handmade straps

    Of Mints and Greens

    Women Green Sheep Skin Rib Quilted Genuine Leather Jacket

    Get This Jacket For Just $199.00

    Do you ever wish to set free your hidden fashionista but scared and hesitant because of your body shape?


    No way will we ever allow you to feel anything but super self-assured and not self-conscious about your figure at all.

    This is why we offer you this affordable plus size gem of a jacket! Make space in your wardrobe for an all-time-trending- Green Sheep Skin Rib Quilted Leather Jacket.

    Sense the contentment and breezy feels of the lush forests and imagine the feel of cool water droplets from condensations on your fingers.

    What’s the ultimate reason to get this jacket? This jacket- the soothing deep green shade and the careful designing- suits every body shape and size. All the more things that make this poised piece of Leather one of the most stylish and affordable plus size essential.

    Adorn the jacket and carry it like a pro as you feel cozy yet all dolled up with the snug leather, chic zippers, and tranquil color:

    • White Figure-hugging Top
    • Black Leather Pants
    • Green Sheep Skin Rib Quilted Leather Jacket
    • Black Diamond Quilted Faux Leather Tote Messenger Handbag
    • Black Strappy Pencil Heels

    Pink for the Princesses

    Leather Skin Women Pink Quilted Gold Studded Skeletons Genuine Leather Jacket

    Get This Jacket For Just $269.00

    The softest of the pinks that light up your eyes and melt the crowd by the innocent and pure aura you give off.

    This shade of pink mixed with some golden studs? Now that’s something fitting for all our gorgeous enchantresses. Wear the Pink Quilted Gold Studded Skeletons Leather Jacket like your tiara.

    Flaunt your inner beauty and feel a distinct serenity, for this immensely attractive shade of pink can melt the hardest of the hearts. 

    As the pink color makes your audience feel euphoric in your presence, the studs offer their own subtle air of mischief. Alas, what’s a spectacular princess without some thirst for adventure and rebellion, isn’t it?

    The design also makes the jacket a must-have for every pretty lady regardless of their size. Display your curves like am enthralling siren and feel magnificent and ever so graceful.

    Want outfit suggestions, we aren’t your fairy godmother for nothing:

    • Cream-colored crew-neck sweater
    • Light Blue Jeans
    • Pink Quilted Gold Studded Skeletons Leather Jacket
    • Cream-colored Flat-cap
    • Tote Messenger Leather Handbag with Dual Color and Retro Style
    • Cream-colored Ankle Boots

    Red that Oozes Style

    NWT Red Women Ladies With White Border Stylish Premium Genuine Leather Jacket

    Get This Jacket For Just $199.00

    According to popular belief, fall is a season of desolation and nostalgia. We beg to differ. It’s the season where you say goodbye to past and eagerly await, heels bouncing in anticipation, for spring to arrive and vibrancies to spread.

    Why wait for spring for this, though? Coming fall, simply wear the Red White Border Stylish Leather Jacket and see the world around you fill with exuberance and laughter. Say goodbye to melancholy and indulge in some extra dose of radiance.

    A ‘hot item’ is what this jacket is. From the thread and belt-buckle like designing to the tranquil red, everything about this jacket is just delicate, divine, and delightful.  A striking cloth- all plush and a total knockout.

    Fishing for creative and retro leather jacket outfit ideas for this show stopper? Here we come bearing gifts:

    • Black and White stripes Blouse
    • White Jeans
    • NWT Red Women Ladies with White Border Stylish Premium Leather Jacket
    • Black Leather Heeled-Boots
    • Black Casual Faux-Leather Handbag with Lipstick Kiss Pattern and Pendant

    Final thoughts…

    As our journey comes to an end, we’d like to think that these drool-worthy leather jacket outfit ideas did steal your hearts.

    From chic to iconic and timeless ones, we’ve shortlisted jackets for all of our readers. Why? Simple, we treasure all of you equally and wish only one thing for you:

    Keep slaying and just- drop ‘em dead!

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