by Jennifer Smith July 02, 2020 6 min read

 Men, women, whatever your gender is, never think twice when it comes to fashion.

Your body is a piece of art, a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with splashes of vibrance and unmatched confidence.

Beauties, enjoy ‘em mind-blowing curves and precious men, love that extra meet. Let nothing hold you back as you wear what you like. Still hesitant or don’t know where to start? This plus size fashion guide is just the place to get a clear head start.

It’s Time You Shine and Makes Lasting Impressions

Rest assured, eradicate those thoughts because this plus size guide to fashion comes bearing gifts for you. We start by offering you some affordable plus size wardrobe essentials for you.  They will display your inner grace and bring out the hidden fashion masters inside of you, and you can bet on it.

From dresses to crisp three-piece suits, by the end of this short guide,

You’ll know exactly what to buy the next time you plan to indulge in some shopping spree for a wardrobe transformation. Now, without further ado, let us offer you a quick and short checklist for your closet must-haves:

  • Plus Size Dresses
  • Plus Sizes Jeans
  • Plus Size Jackets

Let us share with you, some innovative hacks to rock plus size attires. Scroll down to find out how to carry these essentials like a pro.

Tailor your Clothes for a Dreamy Look

Tailor your clothes

The first stop in our plus size fashion guide and our main headline:

Get your clothes tailored, ladies, and make jaws drop.

People say the reason behind every successful man is a woman. We say the idea behind every successful woman is tailored clothes. This way, you need not search through racks and ask store employees if they’ve got plus sizes available in the outfits you like.

We know you hesitate to shop, thinking nothing will suit you or just go,

 “Why waste time shopping when nothing will look good on me?”

Wash away these thoughts right away, gorgeous woman. You’ve got the option to get your clothes tailored. Design them according to your preference and stitched with the sole purpose to look perfect on YOU- kind of like the Cinderella’s lost glass slipper.

Now wear clothes not too tight and not too baggy- just your size and just terrific.

Look and feel energetic like sunshine with this ensemble-what your wardrobe needs for a casual hangout:

  • Tailored Yellow Knee-length Dress
  • Black Pointed-toe Pumps
  • Ebony Black Leather Punk Top Hat
  • Black Ray-bans
  • Black Diamond Quilted Faux Leather Tote Handbag

Jacket or No Jacket?

It’s a must for you all- plus size or not- to own at least one plus size jacket.

Why not? Perhaps, you believe in the fashion myth of looking for extra chubby in jackets?

But honey, it’s what we said “it is a myth.”You just need to choose the perfect color and pair it up with strategic clothing. After that, you’re sure to slay the jackets no matter what the occasion is.

Buckle up and get ready to make the crowd swoon and wish they looked half as put together as you.

Dashing Grim Reaper to Steal Hearts

“A jacket that will suit my meaty figure? Please!”

Well, we are known for being persuasive for nothing. Let our plus size fashion guide change your mind by telling you why and how an all-Black Plus Size Biker Jacket is your gateway to heaven.

First, black makes you look hot.


Also, this vintage color (or absence of color if you want to go all scientific) has powers to make you look slimmer and taller as it brings out your inner Henry Cavil.

Rugged and masculine with a side of ultimate snugness, something you thought you could only dream. Not anymore. Let us make your dreams come true and introduce you to one of the most durable leather jackets:

Black Plus Size Biker Jacket- deluxe to touch and comfortable to adorn. Let not the simplicity fool you. Sometimes, less is more, and the black plus size jacket is living proof.

NWT Black Men Mens Biker Motorcycle Jacket - 100% Genuine Leather - All Sizes

Get This Jacket For Just $199.00

Feel at home and say goodbye to those naggings in your mind. Now, stop being over conscious of whatever you wear. The jacket’s supreme magnificence will prevent you from comparing yourself with others.  

Instead, feel like yourself and feel like you’re at the top of the world with your unparalleled manners and charming personality!

  • Red Hoodie
  • Black Plus Size Fitted Jeans
  • Black Plus Size Biker Jacket
  • Black Ray-bans
  • Black Military Leather Boots

Shine Bright Like a Blue Diamond

Stay gold and stay shining, for you are a pretty butterfly- dainty as a delicate rose. You’re born to do great things and always look spectacular. Be the diva you are meant to be, treat yourself with some super cozy yet sexy fashion.

Sophistication, charms, and glamour have nothing to do with your body size. Size is just number, and who cares about the number? We don’t, for sure. 

Women Blue Diamond Quilted Genuine Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $199.00

Because you deserve everything sugar, spice and everything beautiful, our plus size fashion guide offers you a fantastic dessert:

Wear a Blue Plus Size Leather Jacket like a queen and leave your lookers flabbergasted.

A perfect fit for a party look, be the show stopper of the night. The design will display your curves in an alluring manner. Plus, the iconic jacket is the epitome of style, poise, and exquisiteness, designed and stitched to make you look awe-striking and aesthetic.

Steal the limelight at parties, formal and even casual hangouts with this brilliant piece of clothing by wearing chromosomes.

Let us offer you a quick suggestion on your matching attire:

  • Black Plus White Top
  • Black Plus Size Jeans
  • Blue Diamond Quilted Plus Size Leather Jacket
  • Black Ankle Boots
  • Black Lookbook Tote Handbag

Put on the Right Bag and Swing Life Away

Choose a bag that matches your body proportions. That’s it- the ultimate handbag guide. That’s the rules celebs follow, and now, you’re going to one of the followers too.

A bag too small to underwhelm your fashion will put more limelight on your body. Yet too big a handbag, you’ll be unable to carry it properly, and the result: a well planned plus size attire not getting justice. Sigh.

Women Faux-Leather Distressed Asymmetri Tote Cross-Body Bag With Stunning Tassels

Get This Handbag For Just $69.99

One handbag, ideal for my curvy bombshells, is the Leather Crossbody with Tassels. Now you are sure to look like a stunner even as you head out to run necessary errands. There is nothing basic about you, anyways!

How to pair up the cross-body? We’ll tell you:

  • Grey Patterned Plus Size Top
  • White Plus size Cotton Pants
  • Black Knee-length Cardigan
  • White Sneaker
  • Leather Distressed Asymmetric Tote Crossbody with Tassels

Minimalistic is the New Rule

woman wearing orange cold shoulder top

Before you go on, mentally pairing accessories to go along with your wardrobe, let us give you an extra tip on what’s trending. Keep your jewelry to the bare minimum. A minimalistic approach for jewelry is the maximum you can do to stay classy with that distinct royalty

Opt for buying a few pairs of hoops, studs, or tops to go along with most of your clothes.

Also, three or four types of different necklaces are more than enough. Mind you, though, a trendy black choker and a pearl necklace are the two you absolutely can’t ignore. 

As for bracelets, we say you go for the dainty ones with a beautiful patch of stonework or buy some textured bangles or cuffs. Oh, they hit the deal, believe us.  

Not a big fan of bracelets or even minimal jewelry?No issues. Treat yourself to a collection of rings. A timeless and versatile piece of fashion; they really go along with whatever attire you plan on wearing.

To make your wardrobe transformation innovative and really affordable, buy single-colored rings- the silver sterling or black ones. Although they come with no sparkly stones, they outshine every piece of accessory with how they make your fingers look lovely and delicate. 

As for men, cliché advise but an honest one:

mens black zip up jacket

Never go easy on watches. Wear a single yet decent watch and see the change. Watches take your overall charisma to the next level. If the occasion allows, indulge in some loose leather cuffs. They don’t make your wrists look extra meaty while also help you stay iconic and trendy. Clever, no? 

Final Thoughts

As we end our plus size fashion guide, we hope you’ve got a mighty big list of new must-have ensembles.

You are who you think you are, not what others perceive you as. Follow our tips and never trip, even if you’re running errands. Why? Because you rock and as Hannah Montana once said,

“You got the best of both worlds.” Make this your new motto and give wings to your inner divas and gentlemen to rise and fly away. Chop chop, shopping time now!

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