by Jennifer Smith July 08, 2020 4 min read

‘Dress how you want to be addressed!”

From the very first impression to the happy ending of the day, your outlook and dressing hold incomparable importance.

Let’s settle one thing before moving any further:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a short man. In life, height is one of the countless things that we have no control over.

No one has ever done anything to “earn” their height or lack thereof. It’s just the genes and environmental hand you were dealt with, and we love you just the way you are. There are many short men fashion tips that will help you all along the way, and you will never have to worry about the height factor anymore (if you do).

Here goes the right kind of styling

With this being sorted, let's move to clothes and fashion. We all agree on the importance of appearance. Even if we try to keep our biases aside, the way a person looks can influence their impression in our minds tremendously.

As a wise man once stated, “The clothes always work, either they are working for you or against you.” (wink)

Pick and Polish your Style

Contrary to the general concept, styling is something people can learn instead of being born with it (you can hone it, trust us, you can.)

The key is never to be over or underdressed; it's all about how you wear your clothes and accessorize. Too many colors can give it a flashy look. But using colors wisely can help.

Styling up well does not always mean you have to empty your wallets or have a lounge-size-wardrobe.

Short men fashion is all about the right accessories, limited clothes and few essential tips can help you look jaw dropping effortlessly.

So here is the ultimate guide with hats, jackets, shoes, and much more. What more would a person ask for?

Read on to explore the ultimate short men fashion guide. You don’t have to hide or stay back in race when you can style up to inspire and conquer- while staying in budget.

Fitting is the key

The first and foremost tip for short men is always the same: avoid loose-fitting clothes. Trends change, style alter, but the fitting stays the subject of all.

Men's Black Leather Jacket With Antique Zippers

Get This Jacket For Just $249.00

Even if you like wearing loose tees and jeans, trim that fat with men’s black leather jacket with antique zippers.

Leather jackets are always the best solution, you can pair them with literally anything, and they will revamp your whole look outstandingly.

Adding the following with loose tee and a black leather jacket can create a fresh and soft look, which will even make men droll over you.

  • White loose tee
  • Men’s black leather jacket with antique zippers
  • Grey/ Black/ Blue denim jeans.
  • Men Brown Jodhpurs Ankle Leather Boots.
  • Men Leather Dual Brown Military Baseball Golf Cap

Shine bright with low contrast outfits:

two men wearing white shirt and plaid button up shirt standing near wall

You should wear what you like, from colors to combinations; therefore, take this advice with a grain of salt. But a surefire way to add some visual height in your frame is by choosing low contrast outfits. Like you are wearing a lighter-toned shirt, go for lighter toned pants too.

Talking about light tone clothing and not mentioning flawless white bomber leather racer jacket is sin. Wearing a white jacket on top, tones down the outfit on the whole. Therefore, here is a chic yet calm look to compliment your profile.

  • The base can be any tee or shirt of your choice (it is preferable to go for lighter tones)
  • Pair them up with skinny back jeans.
  • Complete the clothing with a flawless white bomber leather racer jacket.
  • Lastly, adding in a pair of men beige jodhpurs ankle suede leather boots will take the look to another level.

Black Exudes The Right Power And Charm

Similarly, if you choose to go for darker tones, then make sure to wear it from head to toe.

The key to short men fashion success is avoiding horizontal contrast between your top and bottom.

man pure black attire

Every person on this planet loves black, and you can't deny it. Black holds power to glam up the whole outfit in a very particular and unique way. Here is one of the most popular all-black look with a twist:

No, I am not starting with the twist. Wait till the end to get the surprise.

  • Start off with a simple base: a plain black tee would be perfect here.
  • Add in black denim jeans.
  • Go for Men black motorcycle leather jacket with two belts and three sleeve straps.
  • And, now comes the twist: pair the whole outfit with men red Chelsea suede leather boots. (Oh, yes! Red and black never disappoint)

Make shoes your height's best friend

Men Brown Wingtip Brogue Derby Leather Boots

Get this Boots for just $199

No, we are not recommending elevator shoes because, honestly, they are not very comfortable.

Here we are not looking for outfits that make you look taller but stylish.

As we said above, we love the way you are!

However, there is a certain type of shoes and outfits which compliment your height as it is and make you look classy. Shoes hold immense importance, and therefore, we will base our coming look around shoes.

  • Let’s kick start our look with the exceptional and hot men brown wingtip brogue derby leather boots.
  • Adding the other highlight of the outfit: men black leather rock hat field of the Nephilim Carl McCoy Goth Steam Punk.
  • Complete the remaining outside with beige colored straight pants or denim and plain white or subtle brown tee.
  • For winters or according to the event, you can also add in leather skin men brown classic biker motorcycle genuine leather jacket.

Final Words:

Short men fashion is all about the right color combination and the right pieces of clothing. So, break your silence and burn the stage with these outstanding outfits.

You are just perfect the way you are and not how others like you. Love yourself unconditionally and make others fall in love with you too.

With our exceptional short men fashion guide, you have a lot of ideas and tips to style up. Leave a remarkable impression of your presence wherever you go!

So, what are you waiting for?

 Grab your wallet and head straight to your favorite and wholesome shopping stop. Happy Shopping!

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