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Chic Fashion Style Inspirations for Thanksgiving

10 Chic Fashion Style Inspirations for Thanksgiving

October 19, 2021 6 min read

Can't wait to style your outfits so that all eyes will be drawn to you? We certainly can't! Don't forget to enjoy and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with your close friends and family before the snow falls and the Christmas bells ring.

In this blog we'll help you suggest a few style inspirations that will help you develop a statement outfit this holiday season.

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how to dress like a celebrity

How to dress like a celebrity? Your quick guide

April 23, 2020 5 min read

How many of us feverishly soak in every celebrity look that we can remotely copy. Rehearsing every bit like some crazy teenager waiting from the prom!

Though there is nothing wrong with doing this, when the day comes, we are such a big bag of nerves that we tend to mess it up! (painful right!)

Time to take a sniff of the lavender oil (feeling like a celebrity already?! Are we?), and read on. This is probably one of the most straightforward guides that tell you,

how to dress like a celebrity
pull it off like a pro!
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All black outfit ideas

All black outfit ideas for the chic-beings

March 13, 2020 4 min read

An evening out, or a formal meeting and even a casual hangout can have one thing in common, the color Black!

Turn on the fashion-o-meter with edginess and super sizzling aura of a black outfit with some really cool all-black outfit ideas.

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Style Inspiration

Style Inspiration: Flatter with the right accessories

March 09, 2020 4 min read

From the red carpet to street styles, the right accessories give you worth-every-dime oomph.
Ask a fashion influencer, they will tell you that accessories are the game-changer. Nobody’s perfect. But to be the way you are and still rock the world is something only you can do.
But nothing worth having comes easy, and nobody can do everything on their own. Everybody needs help. And help is a must when it comes to style and fashion because it just never stops shifting.
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