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Leather has for long been held high in esteem due to its stunning appearance and durability. Adequate know-how about the types of leather, leather finishes, dyes, and quality of craftsmanship is a plus as it gives you the privilege of picking the right leather product. In our series of informative blogs regarding various types of leather, this one will be a tell-all for lambskin leather.

Lambskin leather is well known mainly for its smooth and clean appearance, which other types of non-exotic leathers mostly lack. It is incredibly soft and supple, which makes it a perfect choice for leather garments, shoes, and bags.

If you are looking to buy a new leather product and want it to be made of lambskin, you have just clicked on the right page. Read on to know everything about lambskin leather and how to care for it. 

What is Lambskin Leather?

Lambskin leather is acquired from young sheep which have a very soft, supple hide. The velvety soft feel and the delicate nature of the hide definitely make lambskin leather aesthetically better than other types of leather. 

When it comes to comfort, none beats the lambskin leather due to its light weight, thinness, and flexibility. Due to these qualities, wearing a lambskin leather jacket or coat is considered an impressive style statement. 

How is Lambskin Leather Manufactured?

Lambskin, derived from juvenile sheep, is definitely fragile. Therefore, the tanning procedure is done with a lot of care to prevent any tears in the skin. There are special techniques to handle the leather gently throughout the process. 

Lambskin is usually soaked in acids for a stretch of time after which it is dyed and treated with chemicals. The finished product is the soft and supple lambskin leather which is used to fashion products of various types. 

Lambskin Leather Quality

The significance of lambskin leather makes it a material worthy of manufacturing high end products. As we have already mentioned, the hide from young sheep converts into extremely smooth leather which gives a sense of opulence to the product. In contrast to the grainy cowhide leather, lambskin is the preferred choice of leather if you want your product to have a sleek look.

If the wool is left intact before tanning, the leather would be known as shearling, which is quite warm and feels soft on the skin. If the wool is sheared, it is called lambskin leather. Full grain lambskin leather is considered top quality. 

Features of Lambskin Leather

Here's a breakdown of the qualities found in lambskin leather which can help you make an informed choice based on your particular needs. 


The texture of lambskin leather is a result of a high number of very fine grains. It feels incredibly silky. The touch of lambskin leather is often referred to as buttery smooth.


Lambskin leather is highly durable if you take care of it in a proper way. We will get back to leather care later on in this article.

As it is flexible and ductile, lambskin leather can be used to make different kinds of products. The porous texture of lambskin leather makes it prone to accumulating oil and dirt. You need to clean it properly and prevent excessive dirt retention to increase the life of your lambskin leather goods.   


Being more porous than other types of leather means that lambskin is highly breathable. 

Waterproofing Quality 

Lambskin leather, due to its porous nature, is not waterproof. While light drizzle won't damage it, it is not advised to wear a lambskin leather jacket or coat during pouring rain. 


If there is one reason why you will prefer a lambskin leather jacket over cowhide or sheepskin leather is its softness. It is a very supple material that feels great against the skin. The softness of lambskin comes from its fine grain. 

The presence of lanolin, a waxy substance, is also a reason for the buttery softness of lambskin leather. The lanolin in the lambskin will keep the skin soft and supple while giving it healing properties. 


As lambskin is tanned with the wool intact, it makes leather that is highly insulating. Lambskin leather is a great material for yourwinter jackets when you need to be comfortably warm. The fur on the inner side of the shearling keeps you cozy. 


Lambskin leather is very lightweight which means it is also suitable for layering your summer outfits.Lightweight jackets and vests made with lambskin leather are quite popular. 


Coming from young sheep, lambskin leather is very flexible. As compared to cowhide and sheepskin, it stretches more easily. Therefore, it is a highly preferred choice for premium qualityleather shoes and bags. Leather hats made with lambskin are a splendid accessory as they give you a perfect but comfortable fit. We recommend getting acustom cowboy hat from the Leather Skin Shop made with high quality lambskin leather which will be a great personalized accessory for your western outfits. 


Lambskin can be dyed in any color that you want. Whether you want a classicbrown leather jacket or a vividorange leather jacket to portray your quirky style, you can get one made with lambskin from the Leather Skin Shop. 

Uses of Lambskin Leather

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Lambskin leather has a wide range of uses. Wherever durable leather with a smooth finish and a luxe feel is required, the go-to option is high quality lambskin leather.

Quilted jackets for women and men made with lambskin are highly popular as they are great at keeping the heat in. Lambskin leather trench coats, biker jackets, blazers, and women andmen's leather vests are also made with lambskin leather. Other leatherwear items made using it areleather pants and skirts due to their high level of flexibility.

Lambskin is also a popular choice for making premium quality shoes, gloves, and belts. Smaller bags, such as crossbody bags, tote bags, and chained shoulder bags made with lambskin, last a lifetime due to the stretchable nature of lambskin. 

How is Lambskin Leather Different from Other Popular Leather Types?

You can opt for lambskin leather for its splendid features and opulent feel. But if you want to choose between different kinds of leathers, do so after reading this brief analogy. 

Lambskin vs Cowhide Leather

The high tensile strength of the cowhide leather and its accessibility is undoubtedly a major factor due to which it is the most commonly available type of leather. Cowhide leather is extraordinarily durable, lasting a lifetime. It ages well due to its ability to develop a patina. The texture of cowhide is grainy with the typical imperfections that the cowhide has. 

On the other hand, lambskin leather beats cowhide leather in terms of flexibility, softness, and smooth appearance. Being aesthetically better, lambskin has developed a reputation for being a luxury material. With proper care, lambskin leather too lasts for decades. 

Lambskin vs Sheepskin Leather

The major difference between lambskin leather and sheepskin leather is that the former is procured from young sheep while the latter is from the hide of mature sheep. When it comes to softness, stretchability, and thinness, lambskin is the winner against sheepskin. 

Sheepskin leather is more durable and less prone to scratches and scuffs as opposed to lambskin leather. Being delicate, lambskin needs high maintenance to avoid any sort of damage to it. 

Lambskin vs Goatskin Leather

Goatskin leather is more long lasting with a higher tensile strength than lambskin. It has a specific pebbled grain which gives it a unique texture. 

For high action activities, such as hiking and bike riding, lambskin might not be the right option. If you are buying a men's orwomen’s biker jacket, goatskin is a suitable choice. You can go for acustom leather jacket option with goatskin leather as that will shield you in a better way than lambskin.

However, if your choice is based on the weight, feel, and flexibility of the leather product, lambskin would be a better choice.  

Pros and Cons of Lambskin Leather

Pros of Lambskin Leather

  • It has a smooth, velvety touch.
  • Lambskin leather is highly flexible.
  • Available in all colors.
  • The fur on the inner side of the leather feels great and keeps you snug and warm. 
  • Lambskin leather gives off luxe vibes.
  • It is very thin and lightweight, appropriate for spring and summer jackets.

Cons of lambskin leather:

  • Lambskin leather is more prone to damage due to its delicate nature and thinness.
  • It is more expensive than other types of non-exotic leathers, particularly cowhide and sheepskin.
  • It is a high maintenance leather that needs proper care on a regular basis. 
  • Lambskin leather is not waterproof.

Price of Lambskin Leather Jackets

When weighing your options in terms of pricing, you may be taken aback a bit due to the higher price point of lambskin leather. This is primarily due to the sparseness of the hide as compared to the readily available cowhide. Also, the careful tanning process and the exquisite craftsmanship to handle lambskin carefully justifies its pricing.  

How to Care for Lambskin Leather?

To prolong the lifespan of lambskin leather, thorough care is essential. Most often, lambskin leather products develop permanent cracks, scratches, stains, and discoloration at different spots if it is not maintained in the proper way. The fibers of the leather may lose elasticity by becoming stiff, which results in unwanted tears.

One of the most important things to remember is that your lambskin leather product must not get soaked. This does not only mean you can't wear it in heavy rainfall, but also that it cannot be washed. For delicate types of leather like lambskin, using a silicon free water protector is highly recommended. It will also keep stains and damage at bay. 

To preserve the condition of your lambskin leather, use a good leather conditioner on it at least once a year. Using the leather conditioner basically keeps the fiber of the lambskin soft and deterring any scratches. It's better to prevent any sort of dirt and oil accumulation by storing your leather product in a breathable muslin bag.

Read the best practice ofcaring for your leather goods for a piece of in-depth advice. 

How to Clean Lambskin Leather?

The worst mistake you can make with a lambskin leather garment or accessory is to clean it with a harsh or abrasive cleaner. 

Unsuitable chemicals and alcohol based cleaning agents may strip the leather of its finish, which mostly means the loss is irreversible. 

If mild cleaning is required, use a piece of barely damp cotton fabric to get rid of any light stains or dirt. Never wash the leather directly to avoid unsightly watermarks. 

Massaging a good quality leather conditioner on the lambskin leather is also a safe way to clean and restore it. However, we highly suggest getting in touch with a professional leather cleaning service to get your leather product cleaned and revived.


Lambskin leather, the tanned hide of lambs, is premium leather with a silky soft touch. It is used to make high end leather goods for its flexibility, comfort, and warmth. As it is delicate, caring properly for your lambskin leather product is the right way to keep it with you for a long time.

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